Zachary L. Barrett

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Zach (he/him) has been running and playing in Role-play games for over 12 years. With education in technical production and Performance, he Co-founded Twisted Gears Studios to help merge his passion and profession and help share stories with you the listener!


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Janessa (she/her) discovered D&D at the tender age of 20 and has never looked back. When not at the gaming table she can be found reminiscing about her old characters or consuming vast amounts of online videos.


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Lyndsay (she/her) is relatively new at Role-playing games, within the last year, and has engrossed herself into character creation and discovering fun techniques of play-acting. She spends her free time sewing and crafting while binge watching murder mysteries on the tv. She also delights in baking a new dessert to share with her comrades on game days. 


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Derek (he/him) is an avid fan of all things gaming related. For the past 30 years, he has tried his hand at almost any type of game you can think of. He does hold a special place in his heart for D&D and Call of Cthulhu though as he loves to be involved in creating stories with his friends.

Derek is also definitely not three raccoons in a trench coat. He is a human and likes to do human things.


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Elizabeth (she/her) is a self-proclaimed math geek who never grew out of her love of fairy tales. She is a strong believer in the power of stories and how a good story can impact both the teller and the listener. She spends most of her days doing spreadsheets and her spare time hitting other people on roller skates. 


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Rob (they/them) is an agender illustrator. They are too darn shy to actually be in any podcasts but provide art, design, and audio monitoring! They have been partaking in role-playing games for over ten years, and making characters and stories since their first Dragonball Z oc. Their favorite thing is napping in sunbeams with their two cats.


We are a Videography business located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  

Our plan is to provide quality video services at an affordable price and make our own projects as we go.  


Video Services

Advertisements, memories, Music Videos, etc.  We can provide you with the Audio, Video services you need!


Have an event or maybe a business meeting and need to look your best in front of a crowd on online?  We can connect you with clients or audiences over the net! 

Content Providers

With our original content, we'll keep you occupied for hours and in the loop on events and entertainment from around town!

Our Clients

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For quotes or  to plan a consultation meeting please reach out:


Zach    (780) 747-2403

Derek   (780) 598-7547

Our Gearheads will get back to you soon!